Who We Are

Board of Directors


Earl Davis   is the Founder of Project Brownstone, Inc. He has a master’s degree  from the Fundraising Management Program at Columbia University. Mr.  Davis has also worked for the National Council of Churches USA as a  Program
Specialist in the Resource and Development Department. He  developed and managed one of the first computer learning centers in  Harlem for the Jericho Project, which provided job readiness training  while bridging the digital divide between
Harlem youths and their counterparts in the rest of New York.

Harold J. Jones is  a client services professional with strong relationship  building skills. Jones began his professional career as a fundraiser at  Columbia University, making face-to face solicitations to some of the  university’s most important donors. After earning a Master of Arts from  Columbia University in 2007, Jones switched his focus to health and  wellness, working for companies like Pfizer and Eli Lilly.

Jones  earned a Bachelor of Science in speech communication from the University  of Central Arkansas and is currently enrolled in a health finance  program at New York University. He firmly believes that education is  power. 

Marc Wilson  is the Founder of MWD Lifestyles and Director-at-large for  International Live Events Associations (New York Chapter). He has  created weddings, anniversaries, private events, product launches as  well as private celebrity events. Most recently, Mr. Wilson was  nominated for the 2016 Big Apple Award. His work has been featured in  New York Times, New York Magazine, Essence, Brides and Town &  Country.

Coco Mitchell  is a former Supermodel who's walked the runway for well-known  international fashion brands throughout Europe and the United States,  and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is now a brand  ambassador for fashion. Coco has a degree in education from the City  University of New York.

Terry Robison is the VP of Sales  at Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company. Besides a love for selling real  estate, he is an amazing performer. He has many interests but likes to  focus his energies on the educational pursuits of underserved youths.

Sheila  Abdus-Salaam (Deceased April 12, 2017) has recently been nominated to the New York State Court of  Appeals, the state’s highest court. Before that, she was an associate  justice of the Appellate Division of the NYS Supreme Court and a judge  in Manhattan Supreme Court. Prior to serving on the bench, Ms.  Abdus-Salaam worked as the general counsel of the New York City Office  of Labor Services, as an assistant state attorney general, and as a  staff attorney at Brooklyn Legal Services. Ms. Abdus-Salaam received her  B.A. from Barnard College and J.D. from Columbia Law School.

Our Story

The name Project Brownstone is symbolic. It speaks to a trajectory of  history journeyed by members of the African Diaspora in the United  States.
During the Great Migration, 1910's through the 1970's, black  people escaped the yoke of racism and terror of the Jim Crow south with  hopes of better days, many finding their way to Harlem.
Out of a  brownstone the Harlem Renaissance was born - this is where the  perception of blacks was challenged and changed, both in the United  States, and globally......forever. It's a place where black people were  active participants in establishing new identities.

Project Brownstone is a 501(c)(3) organization  dedicated to the ongoing work of maintaining this legacy.

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